Spedizione gratuita in tutta Italia per ordini superiori a 180 €
Livraison dans toute l'Europe - We deliver throughout Europe - Versand in ganz Europa

How we prepare the shipment

The packaging of our products is designed to allow us to deliver high quality products to our customers, maintaining unaltered the aromas and flavors and avoiding the exposition to shocks and sudden changes in temperature or humidity.

Gazzetti uses boxes that were specially designed for the shipment of food products, which guarantee thermal insulation, and then arranges all the products so that they can not be ruined by accidental impacts.

Cold cuts and cheeses are both vacuum sealed to keep all their excellent qualities intact.

Some shipments, such as those made in the hottest periods of the year, include ice bags to keep the temperature of the products under control.

The sliced ​​products, such as those contained in the “Welcome Packs”, are sliced ​​on the spot and gently wrapped in the typical deli paper.

They are then packaged in a controlled atmosphere bag, to ensure that the slices are easy to be tasted, one by one.

To ensure the maximum freshness of the chosen products, Gazzetti does not arrange shipping to Italy on Friday  excluding Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria and foreign Countries, to where the shipments leave from Monday to Wednesday.

If you would like more information or in case of any problems with our delivery, please contact us at our address.