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Italian Culaccia

The Culaccia® was invented by Riccardo Rossi from Salumificio Rossi – Ca’ di Parma S.r.l. who has always exclusively produced and launched it on the market. Since they could not legally patent the production, they decided to invent the brand “Culaccia®” to differentiate themselves and stand out. It is one of the few cured meats not containing preservatives, for whose production only adult domestic pig thighs are used, those used for the production of hams protected by the Consortia in Italy. The Culaccia® is the best part of the ham, the most valuable, boneless, without stem and without bow (the little shell-shaped bone -anchetta in jargon- is left to recognize that part of the ham). Processed and cured in an extremely natural way, it is not bagged, or manipulated. It has little scraps and its shape allows you to make slices that are always the same from beginning to end. Soft as the ham, sweet and mellow as the Culatello.

Ingredients: pig’s hind leg, salt, spices.

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