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Salami from Felino

The PDO Salami from Felino is made of pure pork meat born and raised exclusively in Emilia-Romagna in respect of tradition. The manufacturing process consists of four phases.
The mixture it is made of minced pork meat made by 70% of lean cut and 30% of selected pork fat. Afterwards the meat is salted by hand and then kneaded wrapped in the characteristic casing called “pelle di sugna” (natural membrane that covers the pig’s kidney). The product is then tied up with a string and sent to special drying rooms, where it stays for about 60 days. When cut, the slice looks firm; the lean part is bright red and the fat particles are rosy white and well distributed, It has a intense aroma but a delicate taste.
The PDO Salami from Felino perfectly pairs with home made bread. We suggest you to cut the salami with a long blade knife. Remove its skin and cut 45 degrees oblique 3-4 mm thick salami slices, to obtain the typical elongated shape.

Ingredients: pork, salt, flavorings, spices, white wine, preservatives E250 / 252.

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