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Parmigiano Reggiano Aged over 22 months

When Parmigiano Reggiano cheese has been aged for over 22 months, its pale yellow tones are flecked with white, while its flavour is a balanced blend of salty, sour, and sweet notes, sometimes with a slightly hot finish. It is ideal for sprinkling over most pasta dishes, as well as soups, either grated or in shavings. Even the crust can be used to add flavour when cooking minestrone and creamy vegetables soups. The Parmigiano Reggiano versions that have been aged from 22 to 30 months are also excellent for use in the creation of delicious fish and meat dishes. Thinly shaved, it can be scattered over fish or meat carpaccio or over cold sliced roast beef, served on a bed of rocket and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

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